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Upcoming Gigs

In a Difference Place

The Bullingdon

Cowley Road, Oxford

17th December 2023, from 14:30pm

An all-day event to celebrate local music, put together by Nightshift magazine, All Will Be Well Records, and promoter Gappy Tooth Industries. They will have music from an eclectic selection of the county's best performers, mixing established favourites with new talent:

14:30 Cholly
15:30 Dogmilk
16:30 Barrelhaus
17:30 31hours
18:30 Mid Air
19:30 Killer Kowalski
20:30 The Deadbeat Apostles
21:30 The August List
22:30 Mandrake Handshake

15:00 Laima
16:00 Tamara
17:00 Simon Veaney
18:00 Enjoyable Listens
19:00 Barricane
20:00 Old Man May

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